MailYourPC clients are pleased with the Laptop repair and services received. Take a look at the testimonials below and give us a call today for all of your Specialty Laptop Repairs (power jacks, motherboards, LCD screens, etc.), Hardware and Software Diagnostics/Troubleshooting, Data Recovery, Virus/Spyware Removal & Prevention, Liquid Spill Assessment and Recovery, Desktop Rebuilds, Routine Maintenance, Upgrades (Software and Hardware), and Special Requests (if we can’t do it, it can’t be done). Contact us today to get started with your repairs!

“I am a tech dummy. What a breath of fresh air this was. One you get through the initial pain of shipping, you quickly realize your computer is in good hands. I’ll be back!”

-Kay, Akron OH


“My wife and I have a Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop that kept shutting off when moved. Everyone here told us that it was the motherboard. We decided to give Top Notch a try, and it turned out to be something much cheaper and easier to fix. We paid $149.50 out the door and it took less than a week.”

-Justin, Cleveland TN


“I live in Chicago and still couldn’t find anyone local to fix my laptop for a reasonable price. Everybody wanted to reformat my hard drive, which was not an option I was willing to accept. I was very happy with the service I received and quick turnaround time. Thank you and look for some more business coming from my way!”

-Peter, Skokie IL


“I was very pleased to find someone who worked on Apples other than retail stores in malls. As a fellow small business owner, I wanted to leave a tip for other customers: If you use UPS store to ship your computer, buy the box and peanuts there but pack it yourself. Having them pack it for you can sometimes cost over $100.”

-Jane, Van Nuys CA


“I think people have had so many bad experiences with larger stores that they forget solutions like this exist. When I tell others about my great experience here, they are very surprised. I wish more people knew!”

-Elizabeth, Denmark ME


“I live and work in Queens, where we have several big stores and small repair shops. I set out on a “computer repair crusade” about a year ago, to hopefully find help for my sick laptop. It would start and run for about ten minutes, then shut off. The large stores quoted high prices and unacceptable turnaround times. The smaller shops seemed fly-by-night and often dirty with rude employees. Luckily a friend recommended I try shipping it here. I’m so glad I did – the computer was fixed promptly and the service was world-class. What a great idea!”

-Wendy, Queens NY


“We have our own IT staff which monitors and supports our software and network issues. Our people don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to deal with difficult laptop repairs. When we accumulate 5 or so broken out-of-warranty laptops, we send them into Top Notch to be refurbished. This has proven to be a great value.”

-Allen, Royal Oak MI